Sunday, November 25, 2007

Geez Dave! Got Enough Articles?

I turn around for ten seconds and Dave has the entire internet posted on our blog. Good Gravy!

So some reactions to the plethora of posts:

-- I'm planning an extensive overview of "Pushing Daisies" for a future post, so I won't address TV Gal's concerns just now (spoiler alert: she's wrong). As for "Chuck," I still think that after a top-notch pilot, the show has been underachieving. Maybe appropriate for a show about an overqualified guy working as a low-level techie. But it is enjoyable and I am sticking with it. The leads are engaging and I am interested in how the overarcing plot will play out. I can't help but think that Rachel Bilson's all-too-brief appearance was a victim of some hurry up due to the strike. And I miss Harry Tang already. Great name.

-- The absence of big hit movie theme songs doesn't really bother me. Especially if it means the likes of "My Heart Will Go Yuck" and anything written by Diane Warren stay out of my tender ears. On the other hand, the music deployed by Cameron Crowe, Wes Anderson and (to a much lesser extent) Zach Braff has been of consistently high quality. Kid Kelly (nice name) is right about the increasing fragmentation of our Pop Culture in general and of music in particular. Though that doesn't explain why there's not a Contemporary Movie Hits format on Sirius.

-- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a terribly silly institution posing as a terribly serious institution. Anyone who actually loves Rock and Roll will shun such pretentious twaddle. That said, and blogging as a guy who loves Rock and Roll, I can't help but get swept up in this dopey debate every year. At least I don't pretend that it has an iota of import. For the record (pun!), The Dave Clark Five: YES! Donna Summer: YES! Madonna: Please Lord God in Heaven Above NO! And a gigantic YES! to The Monkees.

-- Hulk Hogan's wife is apparently seeking a divorce. YAWN!

-- And finally ... What? That's it? No more? In that case I'll sign off with the reminder that here at John and Dave's Pop Culture America Blog, Dave brings the entire internet to you.

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