Friday, November 23, 2007

On the show for tomorrow..

Hello, this is Dave.. on Saturdays John and Dave's PCA.. The topics we hope to cover aer..

1982 The greatest Movie year of the last 25 years DEBATE goes on.

Enchanted" the movie review by John.. finally after I get him into a screening which he blows off.

WE critique the critics.. specifically TV Film Critics.. Gotcha Roeper!!

2007 TV show twists..

The lost film world of Stephen Tobolwsky.. The Radioland Murder lives on.

A tribute to Mad Magazines "Up the Academy" with Ron "Kaz" Liebman and Ralph "My Cousin Vinny's Cousin" Macchio..

a preview of the "Best of" lists of 2007
and of course..
Box office, Birthdays and Bimbos of Pop Culture.. The usual

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