Wednesday, November 21, 2007

See Me Use the Word "Addlepate!"

In my previous post (available elsewhere on this site), I made a somewhat disparaging remark about a certain Fox News personality. Dave -- my cohost on "John and Dave's Pop Culture America," heard every Saturday at 12 noon Eastern, 11 AM Central on (thank you blogtalk!) -- took me a bit to task for this jibe and, while I stand by my statement, perhaps a little clarification is in order.

First, I have zero respect for personalities giving opinions and calling it news. It ain't news. Newspapers and news broadcasts used to compartmentalize such pronouncements under the heading "Editorial," but apparently that designation has gone the way of the trilobite. I suppose that's because it's all editorial now.

Second, when stars from Hollywood start sounding off about this or that political issue, the assembled punditry are among the first to shout them down. How dare these frivolous, ill-informed actors use their privileged position in the public eye to mouth off about matters clearly over their collective heads. But somehow when one of these political opinion buffoons decides to tear into the movies, that's okay.

Third, I singled out one particular blathering ninny (and I'm not going to write the name again; seeing their names in print -- even in a measly blog like this -- is quasi-orgasmic for these boobs), but make no mistake: this could have spilled out of the fudge hole of any number of the other twittering addlepates, regardless of ideological (idiot? logical?) or political bent. None of these loud-mouthed chuckleheads has cornered the market in mumbo jumbo yet.

When one of them does, there will be a lot of skill-less opinion mongers on the bread line.

So finally, here in our apology-happy culture, I am not sorry. Any of you strident doofusses wants to do something about it, I'll be hanging around the John and Dave's Pop Culture America studio parking lot all Thanksgiving Day. I'll be a lot more stuffed full of tryptophan than you, so it'll be a fair fight.

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