Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yes, But what about the Monkees?

Readers sing out about Rock Hall nominees
Saturday, November 24, 2007
You endorsed the likes of the Dave Clark Five and John Mellencamp, questioned the validity of pop nominees and stumped for a certain legendary shock rocker. Let's crank up the feedback from our Rock Hall poll.
It would appear that the powers that be are endeavoring to reach a younger demographic by changing the Rock Hall into the Pop Hall. Don't be surprised if next year they figure out a way to nominate Beyonce and Fall Out Boy.
I cannot bring myself to vote for dance-hall divas or hip-hop acts. I therefore only can vote for the Dave Clark Five, who had the unfortunate timing to arrive in the midst of Beatlemania. At least John Mellencamp and the Ventures can be called rock 'n' roll, but they don't belong in there until Yes and Kiss are selected.
-- Chas Nebe, Eastlake
The Dave Clark Five should already be in the hall. Forty years ago, it was the British Invasion of the United States by the Beatles, the DC5 and the Rolling Stones. Those were the big three at first, and the critics refer to them as such. The DC5 should be in with the other two. Even if they make it now, it's a shame that all DC5 members can't come to the induction. One died last year [Denis Payton,] and Mike Smith is in a wheelchair.
-- Laurel Mamich, North Royalton
The hall can't be super without Alice Cooper! -- Dave Clark (no, not that Dave Clark), Seven Hills
I think what bothers many folks about the Rock Hall is that a fair number of what seem to be obvious choices have been passed over in favor of some questionable inductees, and some artists can't even make it onto the ballot.
These kinds of things do not serve the hall well. More and more frequently, I read comments online about what a farce it is. I have tried hard to defend the hall and Cleveland, as many in the public think the decisions about who gets in are made here.
As more and more later artists are inducted (now from the early 1980s), the older artists who helped develop the music will be overlooked even more.
-- Randy Smith, Cleveland
I picked John Mellencamp because I have one of his CDs, and my grandpa has all of them. Mellencamp has a really good voice. He kind of reminds me of Elvis. Mellencamp's lyrics are very well thought-out. . . . There is a point to all his songs.
-- Alex Danforth, eighth-grader, St. Charles Borromeo School, Parma
Madonna should be inducted because -- well, come on, she's Madonna! Everyone knows her catchy songs. She's constantly changing, so she'll always be "in." There's no way she can't be inducted -- but then again, Kiss hasn't been inducted, either.
-- Alexandra Karla, eighth-grader, St. Charles Borromeo School, Parma
The Rock Hall should induct Donna Summer, because she's obviously significant in the making of disco. From hits like "Last Dance" to "She Works Hard for the Money," Donna has sung it loud and clear with her powerful voice.
-- Lauren Schaeffer, eighth-grader, St. Charles Borromeo School, Parma

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