Monday, December 24, 2007

The definitive Scrooge

I was watching Kelsey Grammer in his version a Christmas Carol as Ebenezer Scrooge.. A good try, yes, but a pale comparison to Lord Alastair Simm who played Ebenezer Scrooge in a Christmas Carol in 1951. Kelsey couldn't nail quite the humanity and the pathos that you need to fit in the body of Ebenezer Scrooge.. So much so, that when his transformation is complete.. its a almost the same person. George C. Scott gave a imitation of The Simm Scrooge but it was George C Scott playing Alastair Simm and not Scrooge. I liked the Patrick Stewart incantation but it was very methodical and it didn't seem to have a lot of heart behind the characterization.. The Albert Finney version in the Musical "Scrooge" was an interesting character choice for Albert Finney.. so much different then his recent turn as a grieving husband in "Before the devil Knows you're dead" but still it ranks second to Alistair Simm.. sometimes Simm seems like Boris Karloff doing his incantation of old Ebenezer.. Maybe Karloff would of been the definitive Scrooge if given the chance.. but such was not meant to be.. Jim Carrey is set to play the next Ebenezer Scrooge next Christmas..An obvious choice because Carrey is good at playing over the top characters and he did do a Boris Karloff rendition in his incantation of the Grinch in Ron Howards" the Grinch who stole Christmas" but until that movie comes out.. we always have Alistair Simm.. and God Bless us all.. Everybody.. From John and Dave's Pop Culture America..

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johnnypopculture said...


I love ya but you must stop using "incantation" when you mean "incarnation."

You're driving me straight to tarnation.

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