Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oprah- Obama= Oprah - Uma

The Oprah experience hits Iowa this weekend, to a great crowd of Obama supporters and Oprah fans.. They are all going to get a new car under their chair if they vote for Obama..NOT.

Oprah is a pop culture icon and so is Obama.. She commands millions of viewers a day on her talk show and Obama has millions of dollars behind him and maybe millions of fans, too.. but

Oprah has made missteps in who she chooses to recommend.. Do you remember a few years back when, Oprah in her book club recommended James Frey's A Million Little Pieces. It later turned out that Mr. Frey fudged on some of the facts of his book, and even though fans of the book and Oprah say, even with these facts differing,the message of the book is still intact.. Oprah even went on Larry Ling.."Is the caller there" to defend Mr Frey, but later renounced the outing and said She was ashamed of Mr Frey. Do we need a "special" Oprah, where President Obama goes on Oprah and apologizes for his first three years of his presidency based on supposed claims and /or facts. Oprah is a tremendous human, she's funny, she's caring, very charitable, but she is fallible..

Now, it is true that on Larry King, Oprah did go on and say Obama should run for president.. So it makes sense that she follow that up with going out on the Iowa trail and tout the Obama factor..

Oprah is "not God" she said it herself on the trail, and we should look at this vote of confidence from Oprah as just a talk show host, who did back James Frey and now backs Barack Obama.. you be the judge.. Not just Oprah..

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