Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Thing or Three

-- Watching last night's premiere of "Duel": Where's Dennis Weaver? Oh wait. Different Duel. On ESPN, Mike Greenberg is the king of teasing through commercial breaks. Clearly that's the skill that got him hired here. The first contestant was an "Internet Censor." All censors should contract **** ******* *** ********* ** ***** *** ******** and die. I'm glad she lost on the first night.

-- On last Saturday's John and Dave's Pop Culture America (it's an internet sensation!), heard every Saturday at 12 noon Eastern on blogtalkradio.com, we were fortunate to be joined by Amy TV Gal, the television blogger on zap2it.com. Amy was a terrific guest and we got to discuss some of our favorites including "Samantha Who" and "How I Met Your Mother." Dave even got to share his obsession with Lifetime Made-for-TV movies with her (something I'm incapable of conversing with him about). She was so good, I'll forgive her for continuing to resist the charms of "Pushing Daisies." Anna Friel is a doll. I'll be rooting for her on Golden Globes night.

-- This Saturday, Dave and I also got into a heated debate about the recent spate of movies featuring unwed women choosing to keep their babies (Knocked Up, Waitress, Juno). Dave believed this a new trend and something based in our culture's more conservative leaning today. I disagreed. I think it's business as usual for Hollywood. We tried to come up with titles of movies where abortions are front and center. Unprepared, we couldn't. But I've had a time to think and here are a few: The Cider House Rules (which I really should have thought of), High Fidelity (not really front and center; it's an incident that's part of the list of bad things John Cusack remembers in his past failures with former girlfriends), and Vera Drake (Imelda Staunton was Oscar nominated for this film about a 1950s woman who performs The Procedure). Have a festival!

-- Dan Fogelberg died this past week. Here's my dilemma: I have no desire to speak ill of the dead and I wish nothing but the best for his family and loved ones. But I was not a fan. Do I have to say something nice? Sigh. Um .... He seemed like a pretty fair bowler.

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