Friday, January 11, 2008

Bolton Attacks Spider-Man ..and it's not Michael!!

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Bolton Attacks Spider-Man
By Noah Shachtman   January 09, 2008 |  

Spidey_vs_bolton Seriously.  The United Nations is working with Spidey's publisher, Marvel, on a special comic book that will introduce American schoolkids to the group.  In it, "the superhero fight[s] alongside UN aid workers and peacekeepers," according to the BBC. 

Sounds pretty innocuous, right?  But not to Bolton, the legendary suspicious former US ambassador to the UN, who's accused everyone from the North Koreans to the American intelligence community of evil machinations.

[Bolton] called it an "act of desperation."

He said the world body should concentrate on improving its overall performance.

"You can have Spiderman in a comic book all you want, but it's not going to change public perception," he told the BBC.

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