Monday, January 28, 2008

For Keeps 2- Electric Boogaloo

I'm not drinking the Juno Kool Aid-When I first heard about Juno from the trailer, it looked like a clever teenage comedy from the makers of "Thank you for Smoking. Wow, Iwas right.. It was very clever.. John Hughes was a screen writer.. His words he put into Molly Ringwald in "Sixteen candles" were delightful, and they felt real. (Of course we did have Long Duck Dong) but in my mind, where has John Hughes gone?. There was one movie, I was comparing Juno to, from about 20 years back..It was A Molly Ringwald vehicle called "For keeps?''. Molly played a high school student who get pregnant and then instead of aborting the baby, marries the father, is condemned to ridicule from her high school rivals and banned from contact from her first.. She has the baby, like Juno, Gets Post Partem Depression, and decide to move on. here is Juno's story, gets impregnated from a high school boy..Who she loves, gets pregnant and after deciding not to about the baby, decides on putting the baby up for adoption.. the only real emotion and humor cae honestly and brutally from the Juno Support staff.. The parents, played with warmth and strength by J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney. Juno interacts more then she should of with the adopting couple.. Jennifer garner and Jason Bateman.. I got the whole troubled marriage from the start.. the sell out and the corporate cold fish, whose damn is about to break. Jennifer garner is good, Bateman has been better...or maybe he was just good enough. I'm a romantic at heart.. but the hearts that come together and the ones that break apart are so subtle and trite that I just decided to enjoy the soundtrack.. and the opening graphic novel like sequence.. but for the most part, give me John Hughes putting words into Molly Ringwald at age 40 and less of Ellen Page's clever, and look at me I'm really twenty. Yes, poppa, I'm having this baby and giving Juno 2 and half Pop Culture Americas.. Now for that hit piece on "Chuck".. O'CONNOR!!

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