Friday, January 25, 2008

Geeks With Dignity

Spent the day at the FX International convention in Orlando, FL thanks to the good folks at, the best source for graphic novels and pop culture statuary. Thanks talesofwonder!

Some thoughts:

-- The recent death of Heath Ledger was the main topic of conversation (as well as some inevitable but ghoulish marketing). Everyone I spoke to expressed the hope that his demise will not be proven to have been a suicide, but then in the next breath, resignedly admitted that it probably would be. We'll see.

-- Today being the first day of the convention, the celebrity list was decidedly B-grade. The (relatively) big names are there tomorrow. Today, I got to see a couple of Power Rangers, and a couple of cast members from "Who Wants to Be a Superhero," including my favorite, Monkeywoman! There were also a couple of Supergirls -- both Helen Slater and Laura Vandervoort; the latter was impossible to get near thanks to local news jerks.

And the biggest name of the Friday guests ... Erik Estrada!

Ah, to be king of the B-List ...

-- Worked at the talesofwonder booth with a lovely young lady who, small world, shares my birthday. Hi Tabitha!

Don't get jealous, Yvette.

-- Many vintage toy booths displayed their wares and one of the sure signs that you're getting old is seeing stuff you had as a kid sitting on a table at a convention and priced at $350.00. It was a Disneyland pinball machine and no, I do not still have mine.

-- A fellow came up to me at the booth and after a little conversation said, "Do you notice something about this con?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He looked around, checking his theory before he expounded it, then said, "Nobody is wearing any stupid costumes."

I looked around then and, as near as I could tell at that moment, he was right. And I told him so.

"Do you know why?" he went on.


"Because this is the convention for geeks with dignity."

To be fair, on my way out, I did see a few Star Wars costumes, but they were attached to a booth that was selling Star Wars costumes, so I'll give them a pass.

We'll see if there's as much dignity on display tomorrow when I will be checking in with Dave live from FX International on John and Dave's Pop Culture America. Come on down to the Orange County Convention Center, west wing, exhibit hall D2, and I'll let you yell at Dave on my cell phone.

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