Saturday, January 26, 2008

Geeks Without Dignity

Boy! were there ever a lot of costumes on display at today's edition of the FX International convention at the Orange County Convention Center. That guy from yesterday who said that thing about the dignity was right for exactly one 24-hour period.

Here's a little hint for your convention costume: if you are going to do it, do it right. You are in a room with a massive concentration of persnickety nerds (my people!) and they will nitpick and dissect every tiny, minute, minuscule detail of your outfit down to the inseam. When they see you in a good one, they will lavish you with praise and photo requests. When they see you in a lousy one, you will be made merciless fun of the second you are safely out of earshot. Cruel? Perhaps. But such is the way of things.

Some other irrelevant observations and meandering anecdotes:

-- In one corner of the con, they had set up a boxing ring and for a fee, any two people could hop in and beat the tar out of each other with foam covered bats. It was the single most entertaining thing I've ever seen in my life.

-- Once again, I spent a good deal of time working out of the booth. Tales of Wonder, for all your graphic novel and pop culture statuary needs. Here endeth the plug.

Anyway, while I was helping customers, a very familiar looking gentleman came to the booth and inquired about a special edition of John Paul Leon and Alex Ross's Earth X. We had one special boxed version, but it wasn't the one he was looking for, so he checked some other things out, we talked comics for awhile, then he left. Nothing terribly special about that.

Except that the gentleman in question was Raven from the WWE and ECW!

We old time ECW'ers remember Raven putting on some legendary matches. Legendary and grisly. In the good way. I'm a complete fan, but I played it real cool. I was only mostly a dork.

-- If you listened to the show today (which you did, right?), you heard Dave and special guest co-host Uncle Marty get to talk to the extraordinarily gracious Stephen Tobolowsky. I caught Mr. Tobolowsky in the very brief window between his appearance at the "Heroes" panel discussion and the photo-op he had scheduled. He had almost no time, but he was kind enough to share what he had with us, and I am truly grateful. He was already a favorite actor of mine, now he's at the head of the list.

-- And hey! Howzabout a little love directed at Uncle Marty? He stepped in while I was on assignment and both Dave and I thank him profusely. And I almost never do anything profusely.

-- I had Nathan Filion sign my copy of Waitress. What did he write on it? "John -- Eat pie. Nathan Filion."

Truer words were never scrawled with a Sharpie.

-- Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit, is a scientist. Who knew?

Well, tomorrow is going to be all business at the con. But I'll keep my eyes and ears and any other sensory apparatus I can think of open. And I'll report it all right back here.

FX International. West wing. Hall D2. See you there.

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