Sunday, January 6, 2008

Poker? I Hardly Know Her

Arf. Arf.

So I was trying to record last night's "Lyons and Bailes Reel Talk" so I could rip them off in my next movie review, but I guess the football game ran long because I ended up instead with a riveting installment of "Poker After Dark."

I need some Pop Culture American out there to explain to me why this stuff is cluttering up the airwaves. If I understood the fascinating, fast-paced action correctly, this program consisted of heavyset guys with their chins resting on their hands manipulating small pieces of plastic and pasteboard while breathless announcers ooh and aah.

Is it any wonder it's sweeping the nation.

Actually, poker's heyday was a few year's ago and there's not quite as much as there was. But there's still too damn much.

Now, I understand the appeal of playing poker. Strategy, odds, money, wagering, money, money, and cash. I get it. What I don't get is the appeal of watching it.

One of the reasons I've never liked a movie based on a videogame (besides the fact that they all suck) is that the essential joy of the videogame experience is absent in a movie. I wanna kill the mutants. I don't wanna just sit there and watch The Rock kill the mutants. Or Milla Jovovich. Or anybody but me.

It's like hanging out at someone's house and watching them play a game and they never give you a turn.

Which also sucks. And is rude.

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