Friday, January 25, 2008

Whats on Tomorrow's show, Dave?

Thanks for asking. With John camping out at the FX Show taking place this weekend in Orlando Florida.. Yes, Girls.. He's in your neck of the woods. A person from the past- Marty Selgrad will jump into the guest co-host chair while John lounges around the Convention hoping to run into Nathan Fillon.. he's dreamy.. We are going to talk about recent celebrity deaths, John Stewart, Heath Ledger, Susanne Phleshette and many more.. We are also, talking with Biographer Bill Royce, in regrads to his new book, Cary Grant: The Wizard of Beverly Grove (Hardcover) Find out about Royce being chased around the room by Phil Spector.. all this and theres a petition going around to get Cheeta from the Tarzan movies, his own star on the hollywood Walk of Fame. that and more monkee business that you can shake a stick at.. on John and Dave's Pop Culture America on Blog Talk Radio.

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