Thursday, February 7, 2008

Vox Populi

And that's it.

After three weeks of the goofy and the marginally talented, the "American Idol" audition rounds are over. Finally.

So as I roll my eyes at each delusional wannabe, as I criticize the pathetic and the Hollywood-bound alike, I start to wonder if there are any human voices that I would enjoy hearing. Three weeks worth of "Idol" auditions will do that to you.

I like voices that sound like they belong to actual human beings, rather than mannequins or state of the art technology. I like voices that serve a song, rather than run roughshod over it. I like voices that incorporate a little fun, a little joy in the presentation, rather than feeling like every note is a straining, reaching exertion. In other words, I like voices that would never go anywhere near an "American Idol" audition.

Here's a list. It is by no means comprehensive.

Pre-Rock Era:

Billie Holliday
Frank Sinatra
Ella Fitzgerald
Dean Martin
Louis Prima

Early Rock Era:

Chuck Berry
Roy Orbison
Buddy Holly
Elvis Presley
Little Richard


All the Beatles (yes, even Ringo)
Ray Davies
Martha Reeves
Sam Cooke
Bob Dylan (he's a FANTASTIC singer, no matter what some comedian thinks)


Lou Reed
Barry White
Freddie Mercury
Donna Summer
Iggy Pop


Chrissie Hynde
Marshall Crenshaw
Deborah Harry (also the 70s, but she fits in better here)
Joey Ramone (ditto)
Lemmy Kilmister


Kurt Cobain
Eddie Vedder
Sarah McLaughlin
Liz Phair
Billie Joe Armstrong


Dave Grohl
Jenny Lewis
Brett Anderson (aka Donna A.)
Rachel Nagy
Jeff Tweedy

Did I make any egregious omissions? Feel free to give me what for.

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