Friday, February 22, 2008

Whats on tomorrow's show, Dave??

Thanks for asking, John. Tomorrow, He is the editor of one the most popular sports websites, Deadspin and author of the new book, God Save the fan. Will Leitch, talking about why he is having a love affair with ESPN.. I can only imagine, and also, Our Oscar predictions will be in the last half hour. Also, John loves this.. there is a building in Seattle that the owners want to tear down and put up condominiums, but a landmark society stepped in to stop it. This restaurant is in the "Googie" style.. Now, I thought Googie was a character from the Munsters TV show , but no it was a restaurant style. We will discuss that along with John's review of the new Jack Black comedy, "Be Kind, Rewind" all that and a swat in the tuckuss on the big show.

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John and Dave talks Oscar nomination predictions