Sunday, March 9, 2008

All You Have To Do Is Ask.

As promised (see yesterday's entry), James D. Parson gives you, the proud Pop Culture American, a glimpse behind the scenes of a hectic day at MegaCon. Take it away, Jim!

Being from the Chicagoland area, I'm not used to people being friendly, especially when you ask them for something. Sure, some are, but as a general rule people just don't want to be bothered. You'll get people who'll tell you where to go, just give you a disgusted look, or ignore you all together. I encountered none of this at MegaCon. As I blogged on Friday, every visitor in costume that I asked for a picture from, stopped and posed. Every single one. But they came to MegaCon to show off and expected to be photographed. To my pleasant surprise, every TV celebrity I asked for something, also did so willingly.

I spent most of Saturday's MegaCon in the celebrity signing section. I went around to each celeb trying to find out who would be willing to talk with John & Dave (and Steve) live on the air. I was not able to even get close to the main stars (Adrian Pasdar or Erica Durance). But every single one of the other TV stars I was able to talk with said they'd love to do the show, as long as they weren't busy signing autographs.

As it turned out, I was able to get four celebrities to do on-air interviews (Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Adrienne Wilkinson, and Mark Sheppard) with three more (Mark Goddard, George Lowe & William Morgan Sheppard) who agreed to go on, but where unable to, because of the un-ending line of fans getting their autographed photos. It was great time talking with them before the show went on the air, listening to their interviews, and talking and thanking them afterwards. When I asked Mark Sheppard to do the on-air interview he asked me, "What do they want to talk about?", and I said, "You!" He replied, "Great! I know all about that subject."

After the show, I went around and took a bunch more fan pictures, and I don't know what scared me more. The people who were dressed in the exact same costume, with the exact same hair style and the exact same make-up (like they wore it to bed or an all night convention party) on both Friday and Saturday ... Or the people who had separate Friday and Saturday costumes (see left). Although I guess if I had a great costume (or two) this would be the exact time I'd bring them out (other than Halloween), and wear them proudly as many times as I could. I guess it isn't as scary as I thought.

I'd like to thank all the people at MegaCon for being so cordial. From the costumed fans, to the celebrities, to the vendors, to the artists, to the lady who sold me that jalapeno cheese pretzel. They made this the best convention I've attended in a long time.

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