Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bang the Drum REAL Slowly

For today's blog entry, I had planned to enthuse about "Rock Band," the super swell video game music experience from the fine people at EA and Harmonix and MTV Games. And then a funny thing happened. Ten days after I got it, the foot pedal on the drums broke.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

John PLANS these ridiculous blog entries?
Well, yeah. So now I'm just mad at the cheap, overly fragile foot-shaped frustration. Can't write nice things in that frame of mind.

So instead, I thought I'd share some more of the photos that "Dandy" Jim took at MegaCon last weekend. He shot a lot more than he posted and I think you'll enjoy seeing them. You'll certainly enjoy them a lot more than I'm currently enjoying my busted "Rock Band" drum kit. Not that I'm bitter.

These are the Ninja Babes from Space. I never got to ask them the question I had ready: Do Ninja Babes from Space come in peace, or do they tend to make a lot of noise?

It's probably just as well.

And speaking of Space, here we have Mark Goddard from TV's "Lost in Space." Not Movies' Lost in Space, because in the movie, he magically morphed into Matt LeBlanc, if you call that magic.

We tried to get Mark on the show, but he was too busy during our Pop Culture America window. It's a shame because I really wanted to get a soundbite of him growling, "Shut up, Smith!" Life is full of little disappointments. They're the ones dwarfed by all the big disappointments. Not that I'm bitter.

Hey look everybody! It's ... uh ... that big pink sphere all the kids are talking about! Who could forget all the fun we had watching "The Big Pink Sphere and all His/Her Friends" every Saturday morning at 10AM, right after "The Enormous Mauve Cylinder Show" and just before "The Miniature Heliotrope Trapezoid Smile Time Fun Zone?"

That's a "her," right? Those legs look like they belong to a her.

But I've been wrong before.

Now sadly, I was not able to spend as much time as I would have liked at MegaCon, for reasons documented in previous blog articles. So I wasn't on hand to see all these costumes in person. But I did see the Big Pink Sphere up close and personal and I can tell you that watching her navigate a lengthy flight of stairs is a sight I will always cherish.

The Big Pink Sphere is one costume that was not made for climbing.

I didn't bump into these guys at MegaCon, but I did get a chance to meet them briefly at the previous convention I covered for Pop Culture America, FX International back in January. There, they told me that the proton packs they're wearing in these pictures took them about three years to make (working off and on) and cost a total of around $1000 each.

I mean, they look really good and all, but for a thousand dollars, I could get six or seven "Rock Band" drum sets to break. You gotta have priorities.

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