Friday, March 7, 2008

Let's Get Into Costume Everyone

Today's blog entry is from James D. Parson, Contributing Editor for Pop Culture America and photographer extraordinaire. Take it away, Jim.

I spent day one of MegeCon 2008 people watching. I took over 100 pictures of fans and merchants in costume, celebrities, and displays. Everyone seemed eager to have their picture taken. They all seemed eager to honor my request for a photo saying "Sure!" and striking a pose. When I asked The Toxic Avenger and creator Lloyd Kaufman for a picture (left), not only did they agree, Lloyd insisted on including two nice young ladies in costume from the nearby booth. And yes. Lloyd was having as much fun as he appears.

There was one thing I found interesting on day one. The lines to the celebrity guests were ... well ... non-existent for the most part. You could at any time walk right up to Gil Gerard, or Erin Gray, or Kristy Swanson. And I did. But if you wanted to get a comic book signed by Herb Trimpe or Mark Texeria, you had to wait in a line around the corner. Maybe day 2 will be more celebrity friendly.

As far as the costumes, they went from good to great! From classic superheroes (Green Lantern Corps left), to movie characters, to lots and lots of mini-skirted Anime characters, to Final Fantasy dudes with enormous ..... swords. I guess if you're going to dress up for a MegaCon, you're not going to do it halfway. I, myself, would never attempt to dress up in costume, because I'm sure someone would point out that I had the seam on my cape on the wrong side & I don't know if my fragile psyche I could handle the ridicule. Of course, with as nice as everyone seemed to be, they probably wouldn't say a thing (until they got home and had a good laugh at my expense with their friends).

Tomorrow I expect more people, more costumes, more celebrity sightings, and lots more pictures. Maybe I'll even don a cape .... or .... maybe not.

"Dandy" Jim Parson

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