Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SNL used to be LOL, now its SOL

My comrade, John has taken to enjoy the latest incarnation of Saturday Night Live. He believes that this is a renaissance of funny that has been a staple of SNL past. I believe he is seeing a mirage of a comedic institution that used to be groundbreakinly funny but all it is is groundbreakingly irritating. The latest show with Jon ah hill is a good example of that. While watching this, I felt like the characters who were involved in the skit "So whats your situation" or the customers in the target store of the annoying target employees. Regardless of the easy marks that they took, it still was not funny. I could even muster up a fake smile for this tired drivel. Even the video short that usually makes me laugh, had to go for 2 guys making out to get a giggle. The only good bits were the Tracey Morgan guest editorial spot, taking on Tina Fey's rant on Hillary Clinton and Morgan responding to Geraldine Ferraro's controversial comments from the last week, in the news. Maybe, its my response to not getting the Jonah Hill appeal. He was just plain annoying.. maybe mildly appealing in the Benihanas skit where he plays a wisecracking 6 year old, but even then it was bordering on comedic water boarding. The Internet dating skit was maybe an attempt at social relevance, but it plays to desperation when a show talks about testicles.. i know.. When I have been in failing scenes.. testicles and jokes about breasts are always a sure sign of desperate comedic acceptance. Oh, how I long for character scenes that are original and funny and biting and not making me want to bite my own head off. The Elliot Spitzer bit was just showing that Bill Hader does a good Elliot Spitzer, but went for the obvious late night infomercial for second rate lawyers joke. i am sure you have seen that before. The only funny bit which some might seem to show some bias against John McCain is the Darrel Hammond "John McCain is Old" scene.. I kept thinking, Darrel is great as McCain.. nails the impression, but the more conservative critics of SNL will say that they have a liberal bias.. and they would be correct. I did like the Will Forte- Kirsten Wiig singing cowboys and i liked that spontaneity seeped through to make Guest Host Hill laugh through the scene. I wish that for most of the show, I would have laughed as spontaneous as hill did, then Saturday Night Live might be worth watching again. maybe Ironically, they are ready for prime time. That's where you get all the middle of the road, play it safe comedies.. not the edgy irreverent comedy that SNL used to pipe out. Dear SNL.. get some decent guest hosts and take some risks and I guarantee that I will come back and tell all my friends.. if I had any. Oh.. by the way, I am playing with my twins right now.. Doah!!

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