Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thanks Be to All

Devoted listeners to Pop Culture America with John and Dave know that today was a difficult one for our little show's family. Dave's Mother had to have an emergency surgery and he wasn't able to perform his usual stellar hosting, though he did manage to call in and participate on some of today's show. We all wish your Mom a complete and speedy recovery, Davey.

Much less importantly, that meant that we had to shift around duties for today's MegaCon edition of the program: I had to leave the convention early and act as show runner; PCA Contributor Jim Parson took over as the point man on the MegaCon floor; and the newest member of our growing extended family, Steve Wright, was pressed into service as Emergency Guest Co-Host.

Dave and I want to thank Jim and Steve for duty above and beyond. Steve did a terrific job as Co-Host with little to no advance warning. And Jim handled the convention better than I would have. He will be guest blogging again tomorrow and (Spoiler Alert!) he'll give you the full behind-the-scenes rundown on Pop Culture America at MegaCon.

Today's show was probably our most difficult and hectic to date and whatever success we had with it, we owe to Jim and Steve, as well as our wonderful MegaCon guests. Taking time out in the midst of their busy convention appearances were Gil Gerard, Adrienne Wilkinson, and Mark Sheppard, each one informative, funny, and gracious. And a special thanks to the captivating and magnanimous Erin Gray who helped us pull the whole thing together.

Also large dollops of thanks to Beth Widera, the organizer of MegaCon. She puts on a fantastic convention every year and was instrumental in facilitating our presence there. Thanks Beth.

Whew! It's getting like an Oscar acceptance speech in here with all the thank-yous. If I left anyone out, feel free to punch me the next time you see me. I'll be back with the regular daily blog entry on Monday. Till then, enjoy Jim's words and I'll see you somewhere in the vicinity of the Orange County Convention Center.

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