Monday, April 28, 2008

Miley Cyrus- a lean Teen Money machine

Let’s vetch on the status of Miley Cyrus, who is this year’s Lizzie McGuire who is actually Hillary Duff. There is some outrage over Ms Cyrus going somewhat topless. This is not mostly from the kids but from the parents, and I am her to say to get over it. Are we to assume that our teen age kids will take a look at the reckless pics that Ms. Cyrus took at vanity Fair. And copy the poses. Is it because the pictures could be titillating to some and that she is only 15. Well, Yes, but the main argument is the selling of our teens to a buying teen public and producing some artificial morality that is based what looks good.

We were all up in arms over the scandalous pictures of Vanessa Hudgens that had leaked out on the internet, and the media only gained a moral backbone because Ms. Hudgens is one of the starts of the hit Disney Channel franchise, high School Musical.  And these were pictures that the at the time 18 year old Hutchens had taken for her boyfriend and got leaked out on the web.  But the Disney  media machine kicked in to validate the pics as innocent fun gotten out of hand.  And we forgave Ms. Hutchens so she could cash a paycheck and act in High School musical Three..

Could all this be a  cautionary tale of not bringing up these teen icons so they could get knocked up like Britney Spears Sister Jamie Lynn did. I am sure. Ms Cyrus was touted as the good girl in the bunch and God forbid she should show some skin to the horny teen age boys out there.  Back when I was teen, we had  a few limited outlets to explore the hot chicks of our time, these days it’s the internet and a  million aimed at their pimply face channels, and we call foul, when it suits us.  Don’t be mistaken, the leading teen example out there in teeny bopper lane is not an example of how a teen should be, but merely acting out on his or her own due to us, and parents looking for an excuse as to why we fail to under our sons and daughter. But lo and behold, the average kid need to grow up in the real world and not as a over sexed image of innocence you would find on the Disney Channel.  As the great super group,  Crosby Stills Nash once said, “Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.”- Amen

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