Thursday, April 24, 2008

Say Uncle

Pop Culture America with John and Dave this Saturday (12PM Eastern on will be a little different. Dave won't be able to make it into the studio due to family obligations (though were hopeful that he'll call and check in), so my co-host is PCA contributor Uncle Marty Selgrad.

We'll be taking advantage of Marty's expertise in some matters that don't get addressed on Pop Culture America as often as they should. For one, Marty will give us an in-depth look at the country music charts, an area I'm hopeless in. And for another, Marty and I will be examining the current season of "American Idol," the most popular show on television, DAVE!

We'll also take a look back at the films of 1983 (25 years ago!). And we'll look forward as this year's Summer movie season peeks over the horizon.

All that, Dougie, Yvette, and a surprise or six on Pop Culture America with John and Uncle Marty. And maybe Dave.

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