Sunday, May 25, 2008



-- There's No Tree Like a Pastry. Davey's most recent post on this blog page, a Memorial Day tribute, was the 300th entry for our little online wing-ding. Perhaps there could be a cake ...

-- The Mickey Rose Experience. As reported exclusively on Pop Culture America with John and Dave, the great 1981 cult (I used the word, Dave) film Student Bodies will be released on DVD June 3 by Legend Films. On the next PCA, we will discuss that release along with other offbeat Paramount films from the 80s with Bob Pollack, President of Legend Films.

-- Say Good Night, Dick. Legendary comedian and "Laugh-In" co-host Dick Martin died today at age 86. His partner Dan Rowan left us back in 1987. Dick Martin cracked me up. Ratings-wise, "Laugh-In" was the "American Idol" of its day, routinely walloping the competition. Maybe TVLand or someone can dust off some old "Laugh-In" reruns and air them in tribute. Maybe TCM or someone could run The Maltese Bippy. On Memorial Day, Dick Martin merits a little remembrance.

-- Pilot Cannes at the Queer of God. The Cannes film festival announced it's prize winners today. A French film won the Palme D'Or and Italian films won both the Jury and Grand Prizes. Thanks to the blinkered film distribution system here in Central Florida, I'll be seeing those films some time around never. Clint Eastwood won something, which is nice. It probably wasn't for City Heat. Criminally overlooked.

-- IPod, Therefore I Am. The song count on my iPod just crested over 10,000. According to the iTunes stats, that's 24.8 days worth of music, nearly 600 hours worth. I've got some listening to do. Factoring in bathroom breaks, I figure I'll see you in a month.

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