Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Those of you following this blog know that I am quite smitten with my new iPod. Besides being keen new technology with all the shiny fun that implies, it has given me two other joys: it's given me a chance to take a fresh look at some great old albums (more reviews coming) and it has opened up the wide wonderful world of (legal) digital downloads via iTunes.

I'm not yet so thoroughly digital that I could stand having a classic album or anything new by favorite act without some physical reality. So for the largest portion of my music collection, it remains first and foremost on CD. For now.

But I had to try out the iTunes site, just to see it in action. After careful consideration, I opted to make the self-titled debut album from Morningwood (love that name) my first (and so far, only) digital purchase. It's not really new; it came out early in 2006. I've had it in my hand at Best Buy a few times, but kept putting it back.

Morningwood is a chirpy pop/metal outfit -- emphasis on the "pop" -- with a charismatic lead singer, Chantal Claret. Fun but slight, their album was ideal to have only as a series of "1's" and "0's." And it was cheap.

I was quite happy with my purchase; everything went smooth as could be. Then while listening to the songs, I heard a disturbing sound. It sounded suspiciously like the meddling machinations of a censor. It went "BLEEP."

What I said right after probably also would call for a bleeping bleep.

iTunes made no mention of the censoring. Although I discovered on closer examination that several of the posted reviews mentioned it.

Is this something endemic on iTunes? Or did I just happen to get a rare bleeped record? If you know, please inform me.

In the meantime, enjoy a little Morningwood. I know I do. I enjoy Morningwood to "The Nth Degree."

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