Friday, May 9, 2008

Moving Experience

The rumors are true!

Pop Culture America with John and Dave, after nearly a year in its familiar 12 Noon Saturday time slot, is moving.

Tomorrow, we begin a run of shows that will commence at 3PM Eastern (2PM Central) on (thank you blogtalk!). The program will continue to be a lightning-fast 90 minutes.

And tomorrow's show is a humdinger. We'll take a look at comedy on TV; I'll have exclusive reviews of new films Speed Racer and Redbelt (with written reviews to be posted here shortly); Dave will weigh in on the summer's biggest hit, Iron Man; I'll continue to update you on my iPod misadventures; and only on Pop Culture America, Dave's sports round-up featuring an in-depth look at the Roselle, Illinois Little League!

Plus news, spews and cashews! Dougie, Age 8, and Yvette! And surprises, all of which I will spoil later!

Pop Culture America with John and Dave on at its new time, 3PM Eastern. Pop Culture is a disease; John and Dave exacerbate it!

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