Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ripped From Today's Headlines!

Pop Culture America with John and Dave rushes all up in your FACE today!

GASP! At an EXCLUSIVE review of what will most likely be the most lucrative pop cultural release of 2008: Grand Theft Auto IV!!

MARVEL! As John provides his EXCLUSIVE review of the first summer blockbuster of 2008: Iron Man!!

WONDER! If Dave will EVER change that banner up above!!

THRILL! As Dave gets worked up into a semi-literate lather over a fifteen-year-old's partially exposed back!!

GAWK! As John tearfully MOURNS the loss of one of "Hee Haw's" Hager Twins (the good one)!!

PUZZLE! As John keeps going on and on about his new iPod! You're the last person on earth to get one! Get over it!!

All this, the usual antics from Dougie (Age 8) and Yvette and more surprises today at 12 Noon Eastern on (click link at right)! Missing it will negatively impact your credit rating. I'm told. By Dave.

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