Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Do I Look, Ficus?

Another lost gem wends its way back to us via the miracle of home video!

"Quark," a 1978 NBC series with an all-too-brief eight episode run, will be released at DVD outlets near you on October 14. The show starred Richard Benjamin as the captain of an interstellar garbage scow with a misfit crew of clones, a clunky robot and a sentient plant. "Quark" was created by the legendary Buck Henry (also co-created "Get Smart" -- the funny TV series, not the disappointing recent film) and functioned as a parody of all things science fiction from back in the 1970s, most notably "Star Trek," "Star Wars" and "Buck Rogers."

It's worth pointing out that the original pilot for "Quark" aired about three weeks before "Star Wars" was released in May of 1977. NBC undoubtedly picked it up for the 1978 season with an eye towards cashing in on the success of that franchise and the ensuing sci-fi boom.

For years, I've had to make due with an exceptionally low-quality fan-made VHS videotape of the series that I found languishing at the back of a dealer's table from a long-ago convention. Having these wonderfully silly episodes on a format that brings all the 70s video grain and scratch to vivid life is a dream come true.

"Quark" from Sony Home Entertainment, October 14. May the Source be with it!

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