Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Back Baby!

Greetings blog-a-philes! Johnny Pop Culture is back in -- as the kids don't actually say -- the hiz-ouse!

I am the least hip individual on earth.

Daily blog entries were suspended for a time here while I travelled throughout the highways and byways and ... sideways ... of Pop Culture America and now that I've returned to home base, the blogging returns as well! It might not be July 1, but there was a lot of Pop Culture America to cover. Have you seen how freaking VAST this place is?

In the entries to come, you can look forward to ....

An extensive breakdown of all this summer's biggest films. I think I left off with The Incredible Hulk, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

More classic "SNL" reviews as we continue to mark the days before the new season begins.

A look at the miserable state of summer television. I've watched so you don't have to.

The best of the latest albums, songs, samples and whatever other abbreviated music downloads they come up with next.

And as always, more behind-the-scenes glimpses at the workings of Pop Culture America on There are some big changes in store for our flagship broadcast, so stay tuned. And if you have a computer you can tune, you might want to look into an upgrade.

See you tomorow. And the next day. And the day after that. And....

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