Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Female of the Species, Part the Fifth

Sorry this one took awhile to put up on the site. I was dealing with the sloshy and squishy effects of Tropical Storm Fay here in my neck of the woods all last week, including intermittent power failures. Yes, I have protections on the computer, but weather has already cost me one computational device so I'm loathe to risk another.

When last we left our film script, Catwoman had returned to her rather austere lair and Maria Falcone had obtained an unofficial, premature release for her brother Carmine from Arkham Asylum.

A quick note: this script is basically a first draft -- not that that excuses anything. But it does mean that there will be some occasional on-the-fly revisions. One such revision comes up here. The First Cop from back in the museum heist sequence is Detective Anna Ramirez, Monique Gabriela Curnen's character from The Dark Knight, a fact that I hadn't fully worked out when I posted that scene. Why was a GCPD detective working a uniform beat? Read on ...

Exterior -- Gotham City Police Department headquarters. It is the morning of the following day. There is a light rain still hovering in the air. Mix through to ...

Interior -- GCPD offices. A bustle of activity. Commissioner James Gordon arrives dressed just a little nicer than he probably would normally; suit coat, matching tie. His face shows the strain of a late night. Before he can take more than a few steps through the office, he is accosted by several workers and officers, all with bits of paper to shove in front of him. One of them is (former) Detective Ramirez in full uniform. She carries a newspaper. She stands apart from the rest.

ALL: (from various, all at once) Commissioner! Commissioner! Here are those reports you asked for. Duty roster ... Incident at Arkham last night ... (etc. etc.)

Ramirez hangs back and does not speak, but she follows Gordon as he makes his way through the throng.

GORDON: All right. Thank you. There was a what ...? Okay. Okay. Give me all the paperwork. I can't ... I can't right now ... Yes, I'll take care of ... Hold it!

ALL: (fall quiet)

GORDON: (a little embarrassed to have raised his voice) Now, I have to meet with the new D. A. this morning, then I'll be available for ... for all of this. But not just now. Okay?

The crowd gradually breaks up, grumbling. Ramirez holds her ground. Gordon continues on to his office. She follows.

RAMIREZ: There's a new D.A.?

GORDON: Good morning, Officer. Yes. Sort of. The Acting District Attorney is officially having the word "Acting" removed from her title today. Protocol. Sometimes I think this job is nothing but protocol.

RAMIREZ: I need a minute, sir.

GORDON: I don't know that I have a minute.

She follows him right up to his office door and clearly intends to continue in with him.

RAMIREZ: Just one minute.

GORDON: (relenting) Just one minute.

They enter. He crosses to his desk and begins sorting some of the jumble of papers he's carrying. She steps up to the desk and smacks the newspaper, a Gotham Gazette, down across the various reports. There is a large headline.

Headline: MEE-OW!


Beneath is a grainy picture taken from a security camera still. It shows Catwoman at the museum from the previous evening. She is striking a cheesecake pose with her whip in her teeth. She holds one of the unconscious museum guards by his collar.

RAMIREZ: I want the case.

GORDON: (glances at the paper) You want ... (double take, a little more appreciative than he should be) Oh my. (he chuckles)

RAMIREZ: She's humiliating us, sir!

GORDON: I suppose she is.

RAMIREZ: I want the case.

GORDON: Ramirez. You're not a detective any more. You're a beat cop. You don't get cases.

RAMIREZ: You could assign me.

GORDON: We've been through this. After the ... incident with Harvey last year, the mayor, the D. A.'s office, they all wanted you gone. You were only offered this demotion because I fought for you and they all figured you'd quit rather than accept it.

RAMIREZ: I don't quit.

GORDON: I know that. I'm glad you didn't. And with a little time, we'll get you back where you belong.

RAMIREZ: There's been time.

GORDON: Not enough. Not yet. And you're not going to be able to grandstand your way back with this.

RAMIREZ: It's not grandstanding to track down criminals. It's the job.

GORDON: This Catwoman person is not a priority.

RAMIREZ: She should be.

GORDON: She's not.

RAMIREZ: So we just wait until someone ends up dead? Then she goes to the front of the line?

GORDON: In this city, Officer, you have to choose your battles very carefully.

RAMIREZ: Crime's crime.

GORDON: Not here. I have to go now. Don't let this get personal. (he leaves)

RAMIREZ: Too late.

And that will take us to the end of this scene. Coming up -- fun at Wayne Manor ... more with Maria Falcone ... and we'll meet Gotham's new no-longer-acting District Attorney. See you then.

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