Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Female of the Species, Part the Second

When last we left our intrepid anti-heroine, she had successfully robbed the Gotham Museum of a priceless jewel, humiliated Gotham's finest, and disappeared into the night. A clean getaway? Let's find out ...

Mix through to:

The same scene a short time later. More squad cars have arrived. The guards who Catwoman had knocked out are being led from the museum and questioned. Commissioner Gordon is on the scene speaking with the First Cop. As he speaks to her, he scans the rooftops. There is a shadowy figure barely discernible atop one.

GORDON: Injured, officer?

FIRST COP: Just my pride, sir.

GORDON: Looks a little more serious than that. But you saw her clearly? It was definitely Catwoman?

FIRST COP: Yes sir.

GORDON: You can stop with the "sirs." We're not in the army.

FIRST COP: Sorry ... Commissioner. We should go after her.

GORDON: We will. No point giving chase now. She's probably miles away ...

His voice trails as he focuses in on the shadowy figure above. It quickly ducks out of view.

Reverse POV: Catwoman on the rooftop just stepping back from the edge. We can see the Commissioner et al below.

Exterior -- Rooftop.

Catwoman walks easily across the roof. We hear an electronically distorted voice -- almost comically distorted. It comes from a small bluetooth earpiece under Catwoman's cowl.

VOICE: You were successful?

CATWOMAN: Ha! You have got to be kidding with that voice.

VOICE: Security. He could easily breach this frequency.

CATWOMAN: Let him.

VOICE: Was anyone hurt?

CATWOMAN: Bruises. Maybe a broken jaw. Nothing that won't heal.

VOICE: And you've cleared the area?

CATWOMAN: Oh, I'm miles away.

VOICE: You had better be. I've tolerated this indulgence but I need you focused on the task.

CATWOMAN: (Admiring her gloves as she sheathes and unsheathes her claws) Love the gloves. Luscious. Did you say, "tolerated?"

VOICE: This field test is over. From now on you concentrate on the job I hired you for.

CATWOMAN: (Now admiring the Sunkeeper gem) You pay, I play.

BATMAN: (offscreen in his "Batman" voice, the one that sounds like a cross between Bea Arthur and the Humongous from Road Warrior) Hand over the diamond!

Camera circles Catwoman much as it had circled the gem in the museum. This time, it discovers Batman standing a few yards behind her. She is startled at first but quickly composes herself and does not let on.

CATWOMAN: (as she turns) You ... You have got to be kidding with that voice.

BATMAN: The diamond. Now.

CATWOMAN: Or what?

VOICE: Is that him? Is that h -?

She touches the side of her cowl and cuts the voice off mid word.

CATWOMAN: What are you gonna do? You gonna punch me?

Batman takes a swing at her. She nimbly dodges.


He jabs. She ducks.

CATWOMAN: (Laughing) I knew a boy in school once who kept hitting me. Teacher said it was because he liked me.

She parries a blow with her whip handle, hard enough to make Batman wince a bit.

CATWOMAN: I broke his arm.

BATMAN: I don't have time for this.

He quickly uncoils a Batline and wraps her up with it. She laughs some more.

CATWOMAN: Oo. Meow. Now what?

BATMAN: I return the jewel. You go to jail.

CATWOMAN: I don't care for that plan at all.

BATMAN: (As he comes over to collect her) Too bad.

CATWOMAN: It is. (he is near enough now) For you.

She slices the coils of the Batline with her claws and before Batman can react, she scratches him on the face below his mask, narrowly missing an eye. At the same time, an access door to the roof bursts open and Gordon and two other cops, including the injured First Cop (more about her later), level their weapons at the two costumed figures.

GORDON: Freeze!

Catwoman takes advantage of the distraction and dives off the rooftop, catching a buttress with her whip and swinging across to another roof. She races away.

GORDON: (reluctantly) Batman. Stay where you are.

BATMAN: I can't.

He gives chase, swinging after Catwoman. The First Cop takes a shot at him.

GORDON: What are you doing?

FIRST COP: They're getting away!

Gordon looks around. Batman and Catwoman are both gone.

More to come.

Batman chases Catwoman through Gotham's seamiest streets!

A new player steps onto the stage.

Who is that mysterious voice?

See some -- but not all -- of it all in the next installment. Bye.

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