Monday, September 22, 2008

The Emmy Mea Culpa

The Emmys, 2008 edition, are in! Let's see how we did on the prognosticating.

For Lead Actress in a Drama, the winner was Glenn Close for "Damages." That's one for Amy TVGal, none for Dave or myself. We're off to a flying start!

Lead Actor in a Drama was Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad." No points for any of us.

Lead Actor in a Comedy went to Alec Baldwin, who was chosen by both Amy and Dave. That's Amy 2, Dave 1, me 0. I couldn't be prouder!

For Lead Actress in a Comedy, the winner was that Sarah Palin wannabe, Tina Fey. Only I picked Ms. Fey! Ha! Amy 2, Dave 1, me 1.

Outstanding Comedy Series was won by last year's winner, "30 Rock." Dave gets another point and pulls even with Amy. It's all going to be decided by Outstanding Drama Series.

Someone cue the drum roll ...

And the winner is ... "Mad Men!" And it's Dave with an improbable come-from-behind victory. Your final tally -- Dave 3, Amy 2, John 1.

Congratulations to my buddy Dave. I'm having him pick my NFL football pool this week.

To see our actual picks -- and to see just how boneheaded I am -- scroll down a bit to the "Amys and Emmys" post on this page.

And just you wait till next year!

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