Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Ghost town" is a sweet and funny ghost story.

In the newest release, Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear and Tea Leoni. Gervais plays a keep to himself dentist who one day, during a colonoscopy, dies for seven minutes and wakes up to find he can see dead people, and once they find out he can see them, they are on him. looking for him to resolve past issues in their living life. one of them being Greg Kinnear, who is/was married to Tea Leoni who happens to live in Gervais's Dentist building. Imagine the sixth sense is Haley Joel Osment grew up to become a people hating dentist and youve got the "Ghost town". At first, it is true that it is hard to get to know the Gervais character, but later when he is trying to woo Tea Leoni, he gets a war fuzzy, Dudley Moore sense of giddiness that is infectious to us the audience and Leoni. There is a nice relationship in the office with Aasif Mandvi from the Daily Show, which shows our purpose in making a difference in people lives. There are nice performances by the "Ghost" cast who cant leave this earth until their issues are resolved. Kinnear does well as the playboy husband, who is cheating on his spouse, Leoni at the time. Leoni is great as "the Widow" Ive loved her since Fox's sitcom, "Flying Blind" and she is warm and lets herself laugh and have fun in the scenes. this movie lets her lose control in the movie. as for Gervais, my friend john, doesn't like the movie roles that Ricky Gervais gets and believe he brings the movies to a screeching halt. he is not a likable character at first, but he does have a back story in this movie, and he does show humor and pathos in this film- all told i am giving this movie 3 and a a half stars. This movie does make you look at life and appreciate it more and make a difference while you are living.. Now, I have to go make this world a better place, as I hop into my Gas guzzler.

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