Friday, September 19, 2008

The Slightly Less Big Video Round-Up

More videos! Requests are already flooding the Pop Culture America mailbox so we've decided to expand the Big Video Round-Up to include a few more fine selections. See a bit further down this page for the first batch.

We're throwing alternative hiphopper Shwayze into the mix. Here's one of his collaborations with Cisco Adler, a little number called "Corona and Lime."

And we'll also take a look at a ditty you might have caught while watching the promos for "Ugly Betty." It's Australian popster Lenka and "The Show."

And we might add more besides. But probably not. But we might! But we almost definitely won't. But there's always a chance. Not a very good one. But you never know. Actually you probably do.

Tune in tomorrow for the Big Video Round-Up, the all-important Emmy predictions, an undeniably crucial preview of the new TV season with AmyTVGal and probably more (but likely not) all on Pop Culture America with John and Dave on

Be there. Aloha.

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