Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top Ten Best TV of 2008

On the most recent Pop Culture America with John and Dave on -- which you can always access as a podcast either here or from iTunes -- Dave and I unveiled our list of the best TV shows of this past year. For those of you scoring at home -- and even for the ones striking out -- here are our two lists in their entirety:


1. " The Big Bang Theory"
2. "House"
3. "Life"
4. "Eleventh Hour"
5. "Bones"
6. "30 Rock"
7. The Political Comedy on "Saturday Night Live"
8. "Eli Stone"
9. "Samantha Who"
10. "Fringe"


1. "The Daily Show"/"The Colbert Report"
2. "Lost"
3. "Saturday Night Live" (all of it)
4. "30 Rock"
5. "The Rachel Maddow Show"
6. "Life"
7. "The Office"
8. "The Big Bang Theory"
9. "Fringe"
10. "The Soup"

I removed from consideration any show that has already been cancelled, which is why my beloved but deceased "Pushing Daisies" does not appear on the list. Ditto my favorite new show of this very weak season, "Easy Money." Already gone. Sigh.

Dave has one cancelled show on his list ("Eli Stone"). His parsing of "Saturday Night Live" befuddles me.

Five shows cross over onto both lists, though we rated them in different slots. They are "Fringe," "30 Rock," "Life," "The Big Bang Theory," and a fair-sized chunk of "SNL."

Agree? Disagree? Did we egregiously overlook one of your favorites? Did we wildly overpraise a show you can't stand? Don't let us off the hook! Give us "what for" right here!

Or call in to Pop Culture America when it airs live every Tuesday at 8PM Eastern on to voice your opinion. See/Hear you there!

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