Sunday, January 11, 2009

as of 723 PM

Kate Winslet wins it for the reader-- no one had that..
Tom Wilkinson won for John Adams- Thats was a John Win (Biggeee deal)
Laura Dern won for Recount- John wins that one (im calling for a recount, myself)
Gabriel Byrnes wins for In Treatment- neither John or I had this..
Anna Paquin wins for True Blood- neither John or I had this..(they were still good performances)
for best animated film- Wall-E (John and I both picked that)
best supporting actress.. in a comedy- Happy Go-Lucky- Sally Hawkins- John wins that one.. I am not throwing inb the towel.. though.. c'mon Dustin!!
John Adams wins for best Mini Series-I voted for Neal Adams john voted for Morticia Adams
In Best Supporting actor- The late Heath Ledger won for Dark Knight-(John and I both had this)
In an upset- (at least- I'm upset) Alec Baldwin wins for 30 Rock- John wins that one..
another upset..sniff sniff- 30 Rock for Best Comedy Musical-John wins that one..
-But I think I can catch up..
Not so upset with Tina Fey- her acceptance speech was funny- (both John and I lost)

Its beginning to look like a Slum Dog Millionaire night at the Globes at 852 PM Central time

Yes- Danny Boyle wins for Slumdog Millionaire (John had that)

Colin Farrel wins for In Bruge (neither John or I had that) but good for Colin.. I think he is on the mends..

Does dave still has a chance.. NO 9:24 Pm Eastern time.

OK.. Vicky Christina Barcelona wins for best comedy/Musical (Dave had that..whoopee Goldberg!!) 9:33 Pm where was Woody?

best Actress in Drama- Movie- Kate Winslet again- for "Revolutionary Road" (neither John or I had Kate)


Mad Men wins for best Tv Drama- I had that- but john will still be the winner

Mickey Rourke wins for "The Wrestler"!! for a little while, I thought Leonardo was going to win- especially after the Kate Winslet second win of the night.. I think we are going to see a "Slumdog Millionaire" win.. 9:57 PM

at 10:04 Slum Dog" wins and John easily wins the Golden Globe rally.. find out more on Tuesday at 830 PM Eastern Time

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