Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Who

Everyone who's checked out Pop Culture America with John and Dave on knows that my favorite TV show of all time is "Doctor Who."

Yes, I am a nerd.

So we have to take a moment here at the PCA blog to herald the latest from Pop Culture England and Lizzie Smith of the

Unknown stage actor Matt Smith will replace David Tennant in Doctor Who, it has been revealed. At 26 Smith will be the youngest ever Doctor and is a surprise choice for a role which had been hotly tipped to go to an established star.

The BBC unveiled the new Doctor - the eleventh in the long-running series - in a special Doctor Who Confidential programme tonight.

Doctor Who? Matt Smith is to replace David Tennant as the new Doctor in the hit BBC sci-fi drama. Smith, who has built a strong reputation on the London stage, said he was still coming to terms with the importance of his new job.

'It's sort of an iconic part of our culture, it's been going since 1963 and I think it has the iconic sort of status that Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes have, and I'm taking that on,' he said.

Smith was selected shortly before Christmas, but was sworn to secrecy. And he said keeping quiet had proved a challenge. 'I've been with my flat mate, watching the TV, and Doctor Who is on. And I'm thinking "I've got something I would like to share...".'

Rumours about who would be the next occupant of the Tardis were rife, with many suggesting that the new time-defying Doctor could be female.
Cold Feet star James Nesbitt and Life on Mars actor John Simm were among those tipped, while comedian Jennifer Saunders and Hollywood superstar Catherine Zeta Jones were both connected with the prestigious role. More...Casualty star Paterson Joseph could become first black Dr Who as BBC set to announce David Tennant's replacement.

But commentators, and millions of fans, have been proved wrong with the selection of Smith.

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