Friday, June 26, 2009

Yet Another Big Video Round-Up

On the July 1st edition of Pop Culture America with John and Dave (heard each and every week on, we'll be looking once again at the art form that most clearly defined -- and was defined by -- the recently deceased Michael Jackson: the music video. MTV may have given up on them, but we know that Pop Culture Americans still love them.

As always on the Big Video Round-Up, I will choose five videos for Dave and myself to examine and critique, and Dave will choose five others.

Mine are better.

So without further ado -- or really any ado -- here are my selections.

The first one is the deliriously named Care Bears on Fire with "Everybody Else." Unfortunately, they've disabled embedding on the actual video, so you'll have to click here and go to youtube to see it. But here's a nice piece of rehearsal footage as the band plays the same song. Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.

Next is an indie band with a touch of what the kids call "the buzzing" about them. It's Hockey and "Too Fake."

The remarkable Regina Spektor has a new album out this week called Far and this is the first single off it, "Laughing With."

Finally, here are two that we got a heads-up on from our recent guest, Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot. He recommended St. Vincent and we'll take a look at the video for "Actor Out of Work" from her 2009 release, Actor.

And then for some serious Rawk, we'll turn to another Greg Kot recommendation. It's Mastodon with "Divinations."

Stay tuned here for Davey's video picks and then tune into on Wednesday, July 1 at 830PM Eastern to here the full video round-up. Listen to you then!

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