Thursday, July 2, 2009

Len's Least-Loved Stories

Big thanks this week to our special guest on Pop Culture America, comics legend Lively Len Wein. When asked about his least favorite comics work, Len identified a character Marvel once billed as the first Jewish superhero in comics, The Golem -- The Thing That Walks Like a Man!

This was not strictly true. Marvel had debuted a Jewish superhero way back at the dawn of the Silver Age, though he was not then identified as such. Any guesses on who that Hebrew Heavy Hitter was? First take a look at the Golem in action, then check below for the answer.

The first Jewish superhero was Benjamin Jacob Grimm, aka the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing from the Fantastic Four, though his heritage was not overtly acknowledged until 20+ years after his first appearance.

Honorable mention: Gim Allon, aka Colossal Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes was also retroactively identified as Jewish. His origins date to the earliest days of the Silver Age as well. But Bashful Benjy got there just a mite earlier. Plus, the Legion existed 1000 years in the future, so chronologically ...

Ah! My nerd brain hurts!

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