Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Superman Revealed as Stalinist Hitlerian Commie Nazi!!

Just as I suspected ...

Beneath the red and blue(and yellow!)tights, Superman's heart is revealed as encrusted with hammers, sickles, and swastikas! And worst of all, upon closer inspection, it appears to be bleeding.

In this public service ad run in DC comics dated June/July 1952, the hero who supposedly fights for truth, justice, and the American way teams up with the federal government to advocate for ... Well, it's too horrible for me to summarize. Let's hear it from the Ubermensch himself.

"Since the days of the first settlers, Americans have helped each other when sickness and trouble came. Today we help, through taxes and contributions, to support health and welfare services in our communities, so that anyone, rich or poor, can have them available at any time."

After listing the "benefits" of his totalitarian government takeover, The Stormtrooper of Steel goes on in a later panel ...

"All these public and private agencies help to protect the welfare of the community -- and that means your welfare, too!"

"Community?" "Welfare?" I can't help but notice that at no time does this leftist icon rail against the evils of the nanny state or demand his America back.

But I guess it's to be expected. He is, after all, an undocumented alien residing illegally in this country -- a country, by the way, that was in the process of electing arch-liberal Generalissimo Dwight David Eisenhower as President when this ad first started indoctrinating America's youth.

At last, the truth exposed!

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