Friday, November 6, 2009

Video Violence

On the 11 November 2009 edition of Pop Culture America with John and Dave (Hey! That's Veteran's Day!), we'll be presenting another of our patented PCA Video Round-Ups, examining the not-quite-lost-yet art of the music video. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a cable channel that played nothing but music videos around the clock? I wonder why no one has ever thought of that before ...

If you're a longtime PCA'er, you know how these work. For those who might be new to the game, it goes like this: I choose five videos, Dave chooses five videos, we line them up and make them fight each other.

It's more fun than the shooting range and three times as bloody as pro football!

So here are my five selections as selected by that li'l ol' selecter, me. Full disclosure -- all these feature some of my favorite music from 2009 so far. I'm completely shilling for these acts. Some might say, shamelessly shilling, but those folks don't take into account my perpetual and all-encompassing sense of shame. Here we go!

First up is Jay Reatard. Yeah that's right, I dig a Reatard! Wanna make something of it? Well he does in this birthday party gone wrong (or did it perhaps go wonderfully right ...?) and in his song "It Ain't Gonna Save Me."

It may not be the Iggy Pop classic, but the new one from Girls is also called "Lust for Life." It appears on the Album, "Album." Maybe they should have just called it "Song."

I've been a big fan of Silversun Pickups for awhile now. Their album from earlier this year is a shoe-gazer gem called, "Swoon" and this is the video for "Substitution."

In the "My Cabal" video from School of Seven Bells, singer Alejandra Deheza pronounces the word "cabal" as "cable." I find that wildly hot. Here, let me say it for you ... I'm a nerd.

White Rabbits drum like they're late for a very important date. No wonder they chose the descriptive title "Percussion Gun" for this track.

And there you have it. Well, there you have half of it. Dave's half is coming soon and the whole thing comes together delightfully on Wednesday the 11th with Pop Culture America on

Join us, won't you? Thank you.

One quick note: some of these videos are in HD and may play better over at their respective official youtube sites. If you're only getting a partial screen here, just click the song title and you'll be taken over to what the young people refer to as "The Tube."

None of them do that. Ever.

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