Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I am Khatijah Hussein from Syria !!

I am Khatijah Hussein from Syria.
Our country is going through revolution that has caused a lot of deaths and damages to properties in Syria.
My late father Gen Hussein Ishaq died as rebels attacked our air defence base near the town of Mleiha.
Rebels and governmental forces are crashing all over country cities. This war has caused me to loose all my family, i have just lost my father and i still cant believe all these are happening to me.
I was able to rush to my Late father`s house in our home town to retrieve  vital belonging before the houses are destroyed completely.I found in my fathers save the total sum of  8.5million US dollars inside his save.I do not have rest of mind having this funds here in the jungle as the rebels or government forces
may attack and loot me. I have decided to move out the funds to your country.If possible , i will conceal the funds in a box and  then plan  a way to cross it  border to Iraqi and from Iraqi to  your country to start a new live and invest the funds with your assistance.
I wish to know if you are willing to assist me by receiving the fund and keeping the funds with you.
Keep this information to yourself only because everything is being monitored but i am free once the money leave Syria.
You can reach me through my personal
Khatijah Hussein

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